Wednesday, 27 June 2012

gregorysung launches DIP'N with GUZZINI and E-MY

available september 1, 2012, the DIP'N tea strainer series by gregorysung will be available world wide through GUZZINI's hundreds of retail outlets and online directly with full shipping anywhere in the world.

DIP’N, alive, natural, and savoring is the art of the tea leaf - a sacred tradition in many cultures, but of children’s delight? of fun and whimsy? yes, this is the notion of the DIP'N series of products as the art of the tea leaf and the ceremony is not just that of an adult world but the cultivation of a child’s laughter and connection to plants and tea from around the globe - a connection through the leaves themselves. DIP'N links these two worlds, connects people further to the green movement, that of ecology, growing a better world organically, naturally, slowly over time, and with beauty.

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