Sunday, 27 November 2011

gregorysung in AZURE MAGAZINE - canada


gregorysung in AZURE MAGAZINE – canada 2011

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Monday, 14 November 2011

POUR CE by gregorysung launching at ART BASEL MIAMI, DESIGN MIAMI

POUR CE by gregorysung launching at art basel, design miami, continues the journey with embodiment of  beauty, dilemma, exploration, and the balance of  duality. POUR CE is the extension of the POUR CELAIN investigation by gregorysung embodying beauty and the dilemma of duality by raising issues and contradictions between art and design, form and function, and materials inappropriate for application. POUR CE is made of cement and hand woodwork produced by korean ceramic masters and italian joinery artisans securing two worlds and symbolically intersecting materials & functions ultimately then creating beauty, purpose, and balance.

Monday, 24 October 2011


O TEA by gregorysung launches today at THE SHOP at PHILLIPS DE PURY & COMPANY, london and new york after more than 1 year of design and porcelain manufacturing experimentation. O TEA embodies the beauty and functionality of the balance between art and design and is hand crafted by korean porcelain experts and italian master wood craftsmen in a numbered series and made from hand cast porcelain and walnut shipping in a bone white glazed and an oil polished base.

O TEA is the culmination of almost one year of R&D into the production of a cool to the touch and easy to use drip less tea pot along with hand sized temperate to the touch cups. O TEA lies somewhere in between the two realms of discursive design and a functional object with the underlying concept coming from the traditional korean approach to objects and activities: appreciation for natural state of things while gently creating formality within as the set embodies the above ideal both in its form and function with the rounded bottom of the porcelain pieces suggesting a natural and ergonomic way to hold liquid, and gently brings the user into a formality by only allowing the cup to return to its place, the base. O TEA’s outer surface is finely sanded with no glaze, while the inner surface has glossy pearl glaze. One O TEA set includes a pot and two cups, and additional a cup-only sets is also available. O TEA will be available exclusively through THE SHOP at PHILLIPS DE PURY & COMPANY, new york and london and via their website at:

Monday, 15 August 2011

gregorysung launches ELASTICK and ELASTICK MINI

it has happened, an evolution - ELASTICK & ELASTICK mini - a patent pending universal music & desktop stand for tablet pc's & electronic devices - available worldwide via our instore distributors and direct on the ELASTICK website. 

Monday, 28 February 2011