Friday, 28 July 2006


designed for italian lighting power house ARTIMIDE and partnering with tim power and daniele moioli head of product design the HA LO line was an investigation into usability and transformation. HA LO was designed as a table, ceiling, pendant and desk system with the specific functionality of movement through opening and pivoting towards the center.

HA LO was initially designed in early 2006 and developed in wood. final prototypes were constructed of metal, carbon fiber and alternative translucent materials as well as full round bulb models.


HA_LO_by_gregorysung_for_ARTEMIDE_4  HA_LO_by_gregorysung_for_STUDIO_POWER_and_ARTIMIDE_2 HA_LO_by_gregorysung_for_STUDIO_POWER_and_ARTIMIDE_1  HA_LO_by_gregorysung_for_STUDIO_POWER_and_ARTIMIDE_3